This just in: You could OPEN for a Comedy Fest show

Sixth & I is now accepting submissions for “acts” to open Comedy Fest shows. I don’t have many details but I’m sure that email link at the end can procure all the details you might need!

“SUBMISSIONS DUE JULY 11! Win a chance to open for the DC Comedyfest at Sixth & I in August! Please submit all entries by mail to Sixth & I (DVD) or by e-mail.”

***UPDATE*** I got word the open mike night was cancelled at Sixth & I.



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Locked in stocks

I’ve noticed, and had a lot of conversations with fellow improvisers at about my own level of experience, that it is very easy to fall into “stock characters” or at least “stock” characteristics/mannerisms that may feel spontaneous but are in fact, our standard defaults.  It feels spontaneous because we didn’t think about it in advance, we just found ourselves in a scene and started reacting… then, realizing oh damn, I’m this guy again.

How can we break out of these stocks? (Pun intended.)


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Interviews with two improvisers

Amanda Hirsch is an improviser and blogger, among other things. She interviewed Mark Chalfant, the artistic director at Washington Improv Theater, and Topher Bellavia, the managing director at WIT, and kindly shared these links with I NEED A WORD:


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30 Helens Agree, an improv blog is a grand idea.

Voila. I give you: I Need A Word.

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