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Barrel of Monkeys


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Here piggy, piggy piggy…

Are you a stage whore?

What drives you to step into a scene every chance you get?

What, if anything, keeps you out of a scene?

What is/are the result(s) of your compelling urge to improvise?

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This just in: You could OPEN for a Comedy Fest show

Sixth & I is now accepting submissions for “acts” to open Comedy Fest shows. I don’t have many details but I’m sure that email link at the end can procure all the details you might need!

“SUBMISSIONS DUE JULY 11! Win a chance to open for the DC Comedyfest at Sixth & I in August! Please submit all entries by mail to Sixth & I (DVD) or by e-mail.”

***UPDATE*** I got word the open mike night was cancelled at Sixth & I.


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30 Helens Agree, an improv blog is a grand idea.

Voila. I give you: I Need A Word.

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