The envelope please:

Just annouced this evening – line-up for 2008 Improvapalooza:

The shows for Improvapalooza 2008 are:

5 Minutes Before/5 Minutes After
6 Degrees
The ‘Prov Generation
Best Friends
Blue Cop Town
Chicken Pot Pie
Closing Arguments
Ex Factor
Hype Man
Inside The Improviser
King Otis
Call Center Anywhere
The Long Goodbye
Road Trip
Bloggers Are People Too
DMG presents:  Networking is better than Not Working
Fever Pitch
Mexican Fiancee
Keeping It (sur)Real
Mythical Newsroom
The Achievers
As We Like It
Spam Folder
Caution:  Speedboats At Play
We Love Bruce
The Ninth Habit
Urban Legends

As well as shows from onesixtyone, Jackie, Caveat, JINX, and Season Six.


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