Here piggy, piggy piggy…

Are you a stage whore?

What drives you to step into a scene every chance you get?

What, if anything, keeps you out of a scene?

What is/are the result(s) of your compelling urge to improvise?


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One response to “Here piggy, piggy piggy…

  1. ineedaword

    1. I think so, yes. Though I’ve never been paid for the act, so maybe that makes me something else.

    2. Mainly, it’s fun. But other drives: I have an idea that might contribute well; I like the style of the person already out there and want the opportunity to interact with them; if no one else will, I sure will (you’ve got about two seconds before I decide you’re not going out); it’s fun; need to maintain a level of energy to keep scene(s) rolling… Lots of reasons I might jump out, but it really comes down to this: the more I play the more I want to play more.

    3. Don’t feel like I have anything to offer it; lack confidence in the person already in the scene; fear the scene is sucking and am at a loss how to help it; scene clearly does not need me; I’m not playing at my best so there is no reason to make an audience watch that; I desire to watch other players do their magic. Again, lots of reasons, and it seems that the reasons I might hold back are not as good reasons as the reasons that send me into a scene. Interesting, no?

    4. The result? Honestly I think the more I play the better I get – whether through the painful recognition of my own bad habits or through those fantastic breakthroughs where “that worked!”. The more I’m in scenes the more confident I become at gaging what a scene needs and how I can provide it. I feel satisfied, or satiated might be a better word. It’s definitely an appetite. I worry that an undesirable result of my compelling urge to be in scenes is that others get tired of me being in scenes.

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